How it works

The main objective of DASSI is to preserve research data securely and for the long term so that it can be accessed and reused in the future.

For this reason, DASSI is an infrastructure that provides services both to researchers who wish to preserve and enhance their data and to users who wish to make use of it.

Want to archive your data?

Find out how to deposit them in our archive! Once the deposit is completed, we will:

  • check that data is anonymised and shareable
  • check that data is understandable and well documented
  • perform data quality checks
  • convert data into the most appropriate formats for long-term preservation
  • create the metadata needed to standardise and make data interoperable
  • assign a DOI to make data identifiable and citable
  • convert data into the formats most used by the scientific community for analysis
  • manage data distribution and user requests

DASSI provides qualified and competent support in the social sciences to help researchers make the most of their data.

Looking for data to use?

Access to our online catalogue and find data you are interested in! DASSI collects data produced by researchers across the country and beyond.

For each archived data you will find detailed documentation, information on the main methodological features and the conditions of access and use. Once you have found data, you can download it directly and use it according to the author’s licence.

For more information on how our services work, please see our FAQs.

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