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The Italian official service for long-term preservation and distribution of social science data

We help you make your data usable, interpretable and accessible.


Data Archive for Social Sciences in Italy (DASSI) is an Italian archive that provides data, tools, and services for research in the field of social sciences.

DASSI offers a platform where research data can be deposited or used for new studies. The archive supports long-term preservation and sharing of research data, promoting accessibility and reuse (while respecting intellectual property and usage licences).

We make social science data:

  • Findable, through our online catalogue
  • Accessible, by assigning a DOI and a licence for use
  • Interoperable, thanks to our metadata management
  • Reusable, due to our high level of data curation and documentation

Beyond data management and curation, we offer support and professionalism to meet the needs of social science researchers to gain visibility, while also protecting their intellectual property.

DASSI encourages good practices related to the principles of Open Science, benefiting the scientific community and society at large.

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