Find data

DASSI archives research data related to the Italian context and produced in the social sciences. The data are distributed through its online catalog based on Dataverse, an open source platform developed by Harvard University, accessible and usable by anyone.

The catalog is organized into studies, called Datasets, each of which contains the data produced and made available by the source. Each study is described through a set of standardized information (metadata), such as title, abstract, keywords, time period, etc. Opening a Dataset therefore provides all the information needed to get an overview of the data being viewed. The information is organized into four main sections, which describe the distributed files, metadata, terms of use, and study versions, respectively.

The data are searchable in the catalog through the search field (shown at the top) or through filters related to the main metadata used (shown in the box on the left). Once the desired study has been located, the data can be accessed by following the directions in the user license established by the author. DASSI provides three main modes of access, described in detail here.

The catalogue will be available soon.